ࡱ> 463 bjbj 4(Q8$Cq0_uuuudddC\ddddduu+dXuuduNIXA0qddddddddddqddddddddddddd : Georgia Recycling Campaign Sample Media Pitch Materials Knowing what you want to say before you make that first media call is essential. You want to sound professional, conversational and above all else informative. The following media pitch* materials are meant to guide you as you craft your own method of reaching out to the media. *One note: A typical media pitch usually involves an introductory e-mail to the right reporter and then a follow-up phone call. If youve done your homework on the reporter, he or she should be the right person and someone who covers recycling, the environment or city services. That being said, this e-mail, then follow-up phone call method does not necessarily work for everyone, especially in smaller communities. Do what feels most natural to you. Dont know whom to call? Look at your newspaper in hard copy or online. Who typically covers environmental issues? What about government programs? For local radio and TV, there may not be specific reporters for these beats, but instead you may talk to the news assignment editor. Dont be afraid to call and ask for the appropriate person. SAMPLE E-MAIL PITCH Subject Line: Griffin Launches Local Version of Statewide Recycling Education Campaign Hello Bob, Hope you are well. I have a story idea that I think may be of interest. Next week, Georgia will launch its first ever statewide recycling education campaign to increase recycling. In order to capitalize on the states activities, we will also be unveiling a localized version of the campaign in Griffin, complete with billboards, newspaper and cinema ads, and banners in public places. To give you a glimpse of this innovative campaign, I have attached an example of one of the ads that will run in next weeks newspaper. I also encourage you to check out the campaigns interactive Web site, HYPERLINK "http://www.YouGottaBeKidding.org"www.YouGottaBeKidding.org, for more information. As you will see, this is not your traditional recycling campaign! We will also be announcing our own recycling goals for Griffin. I have attached a press release with details of the campaign and its implications on recycling in Griffin. I will call you to see if you would be interested in interviewing XX XXX, title XX in Griffin to get more details on the local campaign. Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions. Sincerely, Kevin Barkley SAMPLE FOLLOW-UP CALL SCRIPT (Reporter answers phone) Hey Bob, this is Kevin from the Central Services Division with the city of Griffin. Next week, we will be launching a new recycling education campaign, and I thought you might be interested in covering the story. The Department of Community Affairs is launching the campaign on a statewide level, but here in Griffin, weve localized the campaign and plan to launch in conjunction with the statewide campaign on May xx at 1 p.m. Well be holding a press conference and launch event featuring members from the city council and the mayor. Are you interested in covering the story? Yes answer: Great! I will send you all the details of the launch event. Would you also be interested in interviewing XX? If so, I can arrange for an interview before or after the event. No answer: No problem. Do you know if any of your colleagues would be interested? About the campaign: (Provide these details as needed) The state is launching this campaign after they determined that something needs to be done about the decline in recycling in Georgia. The state conducted research that revealed that 40 percent of what Georgians throw away each year can actually be recycled. These recyclables wouldnt be shipped overseas or to some other state they would be used by Georgia companies to produce products like carpet and plastic bottles. (You get the reporters voice-mail) Hi Bob, this is Kevin Barkley from the Central Services Division. I want to follow up with you regarding the launch of a new recycling education campaign in Griffin. The Department of Community Affairs is launching the campaign on a statewide level, but here in Griffin, were localizing the campaign and plan to launch in conjunction with the statewide campaign on May xx at 1 p.m. Well be holding a press conference and launch event featuring members from the city council and the mayor. Please let me know if you are interested in covering the story or if you have additional questions. You can reach me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx. I look forward to speaking with you.     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