ࡱ> /1. bjbj 4w QXX80\XC~I^Xz0X a: Georgia Recycling Campaign Media Story/Pitch Ideas Having stories run in the media about recycling or your program can lend a lot of credibility and really increase awareness. This is called earned media (versus advertising, which is known as paid media). The statewide campaign will be relying heavily on earned media or media stories to help generate buzz and awareness of the campaign. We recommend that at the local level, you also utilize this campaign to get your local reporters and editors interested in recycling. Here are some potential angles and story descriptions to get you started. Even if a reporter turns you down, its still good to introduce yourself. Who knows? They may come to you in the future. Angle: Details: Campaign-related: Campaign launch Contact the media before the statewide campaign launch to let them know that your city/county will be participating. Invite the reporter(s) to a local launch event if youre having one or give them a sneak peak of campaign materials in order to pique their interest in covering the story. Because the campaign is so unique, they will be more likely to pay attention or be interested. Campaign milestones As the campaign progresses, make sure to touch base to let them know how the campaign is going. Center your communication in facts, such as last month the city of Athens collected xx tons. Thats xx tons more than collected during the same time last year. Always remember that local media love local information. Know your figures before you call and, if possible, be prepared to talk about how your community compares to others in terms of recycling. We recommend checking in two to three months after the campaign has launched. General: Bin/cart/drop-off location availability What percentage of residents currently participate in your local curbside program? Whom should residents contact to request new bins or replace old ones? When should residents take recycling bins to the curb? What other ways are there to recycle? Youth education opportunity How can recycling benefit local youth (i.e., learning by example set by parents, teachers, etc.)? How can local youth help to preserve the environment and keep money within the community? Public official program support Does your mayor recycle? If so, why? Gain his or her perspective on the program. Have your mayor go on a ride along with the recycling collection trucks and invite local media to cover it. Environmental protection What does recycling in your community mean for the environment? Use the recycling calculator at gacampaigncentral.org to calculate the local impact of recycling in your community.     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