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For example, if we recycled just half of the paper thrown away, we would save enough water for every person in the state to take 36 showers. I encourage everyone to practice environmentalism every day starting with the easiest and often most overlooked way, recycling. Theres also an economic value to recycling unique to Georgia. Georgia has the second largest market for recycled commodities in the entire country second only to California. Think about all of the industries in the state (carpet, paper, aluminum, plastic etc.) that rely on recycled commodities. When theres not enough within the state, they have to ship it in from elsewhere, adding further cost as well as utilizing more energy for shipping. And remember that 40 percent of recyclables were throwing away? Currently, were spending over $90 million in landfill fees to throw them away. What a waste! Help [INSERT COMMUNITY NAME] by stepping up your recycling efforts. 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