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дата выхода warhammer 40.000: storm of vengeance
You Gotta Be Kidding!
Incentive Kit Partnership Program
Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Kits!

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Workshop Agenda:
How we got here… research & campaign overview
About the Incentive Kits
Reporting requirements
Using the Kits
Tactical ideas and tips
America Recycles Day
Application process for Cycle 2

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No Guessing Here! Research Findings…
Among non-recyclers, recycling is perceived
as inconvenient, sometimes even when a
curbside recycling program is available.
Everyone has a different definition and
perception of recycling and what it means to
be a “recycler.”
Residents want MORE information on
recycling from their communities.
Habit appears to be highly important. (How
can recycling fit into my daily routine?)

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Identifying the Target Audience
45% of the population are non-committed
recyclers. They are more likely to:
o Recycle with less frequency or not at all
o Need more information about recycling
o Feel it takes too much time to separate
o Say they'd recycle at all/more if it was
o Say they'd recycle at all/more if it was
easier to do
o Our Target Audience:
o 25-34 year old non-recyclers!
o Viral, buzz campaign most effective for
this population

Page 5
Campaign Tools
Marketing Materials Suite
Campaign Central:
Consumer Web site:
Campaign Social Media Tools:
o Facebook Cause
o Flickr Gallery
Partnership Incentive Kits

Page 6
Campaign Marketing Materials Suite
o Billboards
o Bus Shelters
o Posters
o Truck Signs
o Banners
Printed Materials
o Direct mail postcards
o Bill stuffer
o Flier template (BW/Color)
Viral Marketing
o T-shirts
o Print
o On-line
Radio PSA
o Tommy (English)
o Maria (English/Spanish)
o Coasters
o Stickers
o Koozies
o Flat Tommy, Maria and

Page 7
Campaign Do’s and Don’ts
Definitely do!
Please don’t…
Be creative and have fun!
Get out there, wear
those shirts!
Use the campaign slogan
without the URL, but also
please don’t use them
side-by side as that
Download and use
different characters for
the campaign.
Keep it simple and clean
(don’t clutter the art
work with lots of words!)
side-by side as that
lessens the impact.
Arm people with shirts
who can’t talk about
recycling (they will get
Be afraid to be bold.

Page 8
Incentive Kit Overview
Who’s getting them? What’s included? What do I need to

Page 9
Incentive Kit Partnership Program
Goals for the Kits
o Boost efforts
o Kick-start efforts
o Inspire creativity
o Provide tangible tools and a feedback
mechanism for DCA and potential sponsors
o Materials serve as a conversation starter
They will help promote the state-wide campaign
They will also help you promote your programs
If you have fun with the kits, they will do all of the above!

Page 10
Incentive Kit Recipients – Cycle 1
Athens-Clarke County
Keep Bulloch Beautiful
City of Macon
City of Sandersville
Keep Bulloch Beautiful
Keep Cobb Beautiful
Keep Covington-Newton
Keep DeKalb Beautiful
City of Savannah
Hall County Resource
Recovery Division
Keep DeKalb Beautiful
Keep Dublin-Laurens
Beautiful Troup County

Page 11
Incentive Kit Contents
1st bag: 50 T-shirts
2nd bag:
o 400 koozies
o 1,500 stickers
320 coaster sets (6
3rd bag:
2 Tommy banners
o 320 coaster sets (6
quotes/set -- 1,920
o 1,000 character promo
o 2 Tommy banners
o Flat Tommy

Page 12
On-line electronic progress reports must be submitted to every 3months
for a period of 6 months from the date of receiving the
Incentive Kit.
Awardees will be expected to provide the following
information, among others:
How Incentive Kit materials were used
Reporting Requirements
How Incentive Kit materials were used
In-kind or other donations secured/any local budget spent
Impact on recycling
General impressions/observations on the kits
Detailed requirements can be found on-line at the URL

Page 13
Access the progress report template on Campaign Central.
The report should be downloaded, completed and emailed to
Karen Vickers ( at DCA at the 3- and 6-
month marks:
o By Dec 15 and March 15 (Cycle 1 recipients)
By Jan 15 and April 15 (Cycle 2 recipients)
Submitting your report
o By Jan 15 and April 15 (Cycle 2 recipients)
We will review all reports and issue a Kit update to all
recipients on usage and impact – your input will be critical!

Page 14
Using Your Kits
Ok, I have my kit… now what?

Page 15
Rules of Thumb
Don’t give everything away all at once!
Make sure you are reaching the TARGET audience.
Reward engaged residents.
Use kit contents as a conversation starter, not as a
replacement for a conversation.
Incentive Kits are not meant to replace other campaign
efforts, just give you a boost!
Get the most bang for your buck!
Be creative.

Page 16
Getting media attention
Include Flat Tommy in all activities!
Distribute koozies or stickers at media
events, meetings and other outreach efforts
o TIP: Send media and VIPs in your area a campaign
goodie bag with hand written note educating
them on your program. We all LOVE free stuff, so
will they!
Adorn program folders, press materials and
other “stuff” with stickers
o TIP: Use the campaign flier template on Campaign
Central for printed materials

Page 17
Education Example: City of Savannah

Page 18
Think partnerships, save $$!
o Local KAB Affiliate/community
o Chamber of Commerce/Tourism events
o Local sports teams/arenas/concerts
o Street festivals/fairs/parades
Engage local businesses
o Staffing, messages, action plan
REMEMBER: Materials are meant
to spark interest!
Do a test drive and then de-brief

Page 19
Events Example:
Ath-Fest (Athens-Clarke County)

Page 20
Set a clear strategy/plan
Build a “street team” (Recommend at least 2-3 teams,
with 2-3 people per time – or more depending on where
you are heading)
Go where people are
o Area park on a sunny day
Hitting the Streets – reaching the masses
o Shopping mall on a Saturday night
o High traffic bus transit spot at rush hour/ bus stop, etc.
Determine who gets what?
o Distributing campaign promotional materials to get the most
Promote the Facebook Cause!

Page 21
Hitting the Streets Example: Coca-Cola Recycling

Page 22
Have a digital camera(s) available at
all events and a staff member
assigned to manage photos
Take photos!
Hand out campaign promo cards when
photos are taken
Flickr Gallery
photos are taken
Refer people to the You Gotta Be Kidding! Web site to
view their photos
Post photos to the Flickr Gallery within 2-3 days of the
event (The longer you wait, the less interesting it is for
your residents.)

Page 23
If posting less than 10 pictures, email for help.
For a step-by-step guide to uploading more than 10 photos,
check out Campaign Central under “tips” and “Flickr”.
Create a set and name it by city/event for easy searching.
Post only appropriate photos!
Posting Photos to the Flickr Gallery
Post only appropriate photos!
Do not delete or otherwise change existing photos or sets on
Contact Karen Vickers if you need further assistance posting
photos to the Flickr Gallery!

Page 24
Facebook Cause
Great viral marketing tool, ideal for a viral campaign!
Use the Cause as a quick call-to-action for residents at
events and when “hitting the streets!”
Promote, promote, promote!
Join …. and recruit.
Post comments and news about where you will be on
the Cause page – the more we use it, the more
residents will use it!

Page 25
T-shirt Tips!
Wear them everywhere!
Hand out at special events to people who
sign a pledge to recycle, take a recycling quiz, etc.
Have 25 or so volunteers wear them and blitz
public events, encouraging people to recycle.
Give T-shirts to a high school football/baseball team and ask them to
wear them during an entire game or at least for one inning/half/quarter.
(Take photos!)
Take a few for key staff and make sure they are the “uniform” for all
events. (Ensure they are “ready” to wear the shirts and prepared to talk
Convince city officials, local celebs, athletes, media, news anchors, etc.
to wear them.
If you've got a recycling float, everyone needs a shirt!

Page 26
Koozie Tips!
Use as giveaways for winners of trivia night at local bars and
Have people on your team take 10 home to give away to 10
Hand out at local festivals, carnivals, concerts and other events.
Hand out at sports bars during football season.
Organize a “pub crawl” to hit the bars and restaurants in your area
to hand out koozies. Be sure the businesses you give koozies to
participate in recycling.
Give away at local beer and wine festivals.

Page 27
Sticker Tips!
Put stickers on all new recycling bins delivered or include them
with information delivered in the bin.
Consider an "I voted" type effort for America Recycles Day –
perfect for a school or office building.
Use as an entry "pass" to get into a VIP area at an event.
Make a trail of stickers start on a sidewalk and lead into a
participating bar or restaurant. When the trail ends it leads to Flat
Tommy and a volunteer armed with recycling information and t-
shirts or koozies.
Coordinate with a local high school football team to wear them on
their helmets for a season.
Cover a popular street corner or pedestrian-heavy area with

Page 28
Coaster Tips!
Host an event at a bar and ask people to make up their own
coaster lines. (Or, conduct a poll on your Web site!)
o If you're doing Karaoke night, then each person that gets up has to
give a recycling line. You'll get a lot of goofy but everyone will laugh
and you might get a couple of gems.
Organize a “pub crawl” to hit the bars and restaurants in your
area to hand out sets of coasters.(Be sure the businesses you
give coasters to participate in recycling.)
Find your favorite bar and pass them out.
Sneak a few into the swankiest joint in town. Not a lot, just so
people look twice. It will generate more conversation that way.
Use as handouts at events: quick, easy, funny…

Page 29
Bring to every event (festivals, concerts, HOA meetings, etc.)
Hang one on YOUR building or at your recycling center/a drop off
location and at the town center/ major intersections (esp. for
America Recycles Day, Earth Day, etc.)
Hang on the side of a recycling truck(s) – or have a more durable
one made using the files for truck signs on Campaign Central.
Ask to hang in lunch room of local businesses, especially those
with 200+ employees.
Hang at entry points to sporting events, concerts, street fairs, etc.
Create a parade float and use banners to decorate the sides, or to
be carried by marchers.
NOTE: TWO sizes now available on Campaign Central – for future

Page 30
Promo Cards & Flat Tommy!
Take Flat Tommy everywhere!
Set up a Tommy “kissing booth”.
Take LOTS of pictures!
Give photo subjects the cards as a
call-to-action pointing to the Flickr Gallery.
Hold a “Where in the world is Flat Tommy?”
contest and encourage residents to find Flat
Pictures of the Gov/Mayor with his/her arm
around him, or giving him a “thumbs down.”
Take a white board to events and encourage
residents to write a message they can hold up
in their photo with Flat Tommy.
Let Tommy ride in the recycling/garbage truck.

Page 31
America Recycles Day (Nov 15, 2009)
Use ARD as a news hook for media and as a way to get the
campaign and your program in the news.
Arm volunteers and staff with T-shirts and ask them to wear them
on ARD.
Issue a call-to-action for your volunteers on ARD. (Give them
specific activities to engage in such as:
o Wearing shirts
o Wearing shirts
o Passing out literature at a given location
o Taking photos of Flat Tommy around town
Use tools and templates on Campaign Central to write an Op-ed or
place campaign messages on your Web site.
Pitch the radio PSA to your local stations.
Hang those banners!

Page 32
Loose Ends
Everything else you need to know!

Page 33
Register on Campaign Central
o Complete the short form
o Download the application (Word or PDF format)
Paper copy (emails not accepted) must be postmarked
Application Cycle 2
Paper copy (emails not accepted) must be postmarked
by 5:00pm, Friday October 2, 2009
Award notifications week of October 12, 2009
Mandatory webinar/pick up your materials from DCA
week of October 19

Page 34
Re-Ordering Incentive Kit Materials:
Vendor Information
Duffel Bags and T-shirts
Concept Eco, Mitchell Fine
(800) 861-5067 x304
Koozies and Coasters
Legacy Promotions, Bob Wilson
(770) 792-3810
Target Marketing Group, Bob Lea
(800) 211-5850
Banners and Flat Characters
FastSigns, Michael Riley
(404) 255-3278

Page 35
Contact Us
Randy Hartmann
(404) 679-4816
Karen Vickers
(404) 679-3152

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