ࡱ> 02/ sbjbj 4 [33333GGG8G}(\333dddX33}d}ddIG Xi0,d3|dd : Template Newsletter/Letter for Residents Living in Multi-Family Properties Use the two templates below to communicate with the residents living in your multifamily property about recycling and its importance. If you have any questions about the templates, please e-mail us at info@gacampaigncentral.org. Template Newsletter Article Were proud to announce that recycling has arrived at [INSERT BUILDING NAME OR ADDRESS]! Now when you take out your trash, look for the [INSERT DETAILS SUCH AS BLUE RECYCLING BIN]. The following items can be recycled: [INSERT FULL LIST OF ACCEPTED MATERIALS]. [INSERT ANY OTHER INSTRUCTIONS]. Recycling is the easiest way to practice environmentalism every single day. And it truly does make a difference. Consider this, if all the paper that Georgians annually throw away was recycled, we would save 32.3 million tons of CO2 emissions or the equivalent of taking 8.3 million cars off the road! For further information about our buildings recycling program, contact [INSERT CONTACT PERSONS NAME AND INFO] or visit YouGottaBeKidding.org. Template Tenant Letter Dear Tenant, Recycling has arrived at [INSERT BUILDING NAME OR ADDRESS]! Georgia has recently unveiled a statewide recycling campaign and as part of that effort, we challenge all residents to become diligent recyclers! Its as easy as taking out your trash. [INSERT DETAILS ON HOW/WHERE TO RECYCLE AND WHAT CAN BE RECYCLED.] Think recycling doesnt really make a difference? Think again. Recycling can help offset some of the energy and other resources we all use every day. For example: Recycling five pounds of paper will conserve enough water to offset the water used in a typical shower. Recycling one glass bottle conserves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours or an 11-watt CFL bulb for 20 hours. Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television or computer for three hours. Its easy. Just [INSERT REMINDER OF HOW]. Questions? Contact [INSERT NAME AND CONTACT INFO]. Sincerely, The Building Management We have created a poster that you can download and localize for your property. Go to HYPERLINK "http://www.gacampaigncentral.org"www.gacampaigncentral.org to access the materials and learn more about the overall statewide recycling education campaign.     Have questions about this template? 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