ࡱ> @B? :bjbj 4,Y)))8a<)n*(*******,.V**(*p**!I)@X)>*0n*,//!/!**n*/ : Sample Op-Ed Adapt this sample for your own local efforts and submit to your local newspaper. Be sure to add your local touch to this, as well as any local facts. It will increase the chance it will run if it is more local. Have questions about op-eds and how to use them? Check out our How-To & Tips section on HYPERLINK "http://www.gacampaigncentral.org"www.gacampaigncentral.org or e-mail us at info@gacampaigncentral.org. Not a Recycler? You Gotta Be Kidding! I cant be bothered to sort my recyclables! Ever heard that before? Or, how about Does recycling this one aluminum can REALLY make a difference? I guarantee youve either said it or know someone who has. Lately, there is a lot of talk about going green. You cant turn on the TV or open a magazine without seeing something about the environment and the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. Yet, where the rubber meets the road (i.e., in the home), many often find an excuse not to do the simplest of things to help the environment: recycling. Recycling isnt new. It may not be as hip as buying organic, installing CFL light bulbs or even driving a hybrid. You might think its already being done enough. However, a recent waste audit conducted in Georgia revealed that 40 percent of what Georgians throw out is recyclable. Thats a lot of excuses! This 40 percent also equates to a lot of waste and wasted money. Based on the average landfill fee, Georgians spend over $90 million to throw recyclable materials away! Tell that to the I cant be bothered relative or boyfriend. INSERT ANY LOCAL FACTS ABOUT RECYCLABLES BEING WASTED HERE Georgia has the second largest market for recycled commodities in the entire country second only to California. Think about all of the industries in the state (carpet, paper, plastic, aluminum, etc.) that rely on recycled commodities. REPLACE THE PARAGRAPH ABOVE WITH LOCAL INFORMATION (I.E. A LOCAL COMPANY WHO NEEDS/USES RECYCLABLE MATERIALS) OR ADD TO IT WITH ANY LOCAL INFORMATION YOU HAVE Its not that we dont care. Well, most of us anyways. A statewide survey revealed recently that, for the most part, Georgia residents do care about the environment and agree they can make an impact through personal action. In fact, 97 percent of Georgians feel that recycling should be a high priority for their fellow residents and a whopping 84percent of Georgia residents have recycled something in the past 12 months. However, it is important to note that only 55% recycle always or often. Thanks to the efforts by many of our residents, there have been great strides, but theres still room for improvement. And all of those excuse makers? Well, they just weigh us down. DEPENDING ON LENGTH ONCE YOU HAVE ADDED YOUR LOCAL TOUCH, YOU MAY NEED TO ELIMINATE THE FOLLOWING TWO PARAGRAPHS THAT ARE CAMPAIGN-SPECIFIC. To help demonstrate the importance of recycling and to get Georgians to commit to making recycling part of their routine, the state has unveiled a new recycling campaign targeted specifically at these people. The campaign uses satire to demonstrate how easy recycling is and reinforces that everyone, especially those with curbside recycling, really have no legitimate excuses for not being diligent recyclers. I encourage you to check out the campaign: HYPERLINK "http://www.YouGottaBeKidding.org"www.YouGottaBeKidding.org. If you dont know already, find out how and where you can recycle. If you are a sometimes recycler, become an always recycler. And please, if you know someone who has excuse after excuse, PLEASE reach out to them and show them the errors of their ways. Itll mean more coming from you than coming from me! The last point I want to make is that recycling, while not as new or cool, makes a HUGE impact on the environment. If we recycled just over half of the 2.6 million tons of recyclables thrown away ever year, we would save more than 7 million barrels of oil. Recycling also conserves water, which we all care about here in Georgia. If we recycled just half of the paper thrown away, we would save enough water for every person in the state to take 36 showers. I encourage everyone to give up the excuse and help the environment in the worlds easiest and most overlooked way, recycling. [Title] [Name of author]     Have questions about this sample? 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