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A recent waste audit revealed that on average, 40 percent of what Georgians throw out is recyclable. That equates to a lot of waste and wasted money. Based on the average landfill fee, Georgians spend over $90 million to throw recyclable materials away! And recycling can even indirectly help our water shortage. If we recycled just half of the paper thrown away, we would save enough water for every person in the state to take 36 showers. [INSERT COMMUNITY NAME] is engaged in the new recycling campaign and challenges all residents to recycle. Below is information about recycling in [INSERT COMMUNITY NAME]. How Does [Community Name]s Recycling Program Work? [INSERT DETAILS ABOUT RECYCLING IN YOUR COMMUNITY. FOR EXAMPLE, Recyclables are picked up at the curb once a week. OR This year we launched a new single-stream program to make recycling at home even easier. OR You can drop off aluminum and steel cans, glass containers, and plastic bottles and jugs to your local recycling center.] How Do I Get Involved? [INSERT DETAILS ABOUT HOW TO GET INVOLVED WITH RECYCLING IN YOUR COMMUNITY. FOR EXAMPLE, Sign up for a free recycling cart by calling 123-4567 or online at www.getarecyclingbin.com.] What If I Have Questions? We want to hear from you! If you have any thoughts or questions, please let us know! Check out our Web site at [WEB SITE URL] for more information or call us at [PHONE NUMBER].     Have questions about this template? Contact us at info@gacampaigncentral.org   !zB H L i j k l m n o Ϳ}s}s}fYN@Y@ *hNh OJQJ^J *hr}fOJQJ^JhNh OJQJ^JhNhNOJQJ^JhTOJQJ^JhThNOJQJ^Jh.NOJQJ^JhvOJQJ^JhVOJQJ^JhNOJQJ^JhNh.NOJQJ^JhNhT5OJQJ^Jh 5OJQJ^Jhv5OJQJ^JhNh 5OJQJ^JhNhU=5OJQJ^J !l n o 1 2  !"gdx O <&d P gdNgd.Ngd      # > o p _ ` a c y  / 0 3 X j   & . 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