Measure Your Success

Measurement is often overlooked but without it your campaign's “success” is left to hearsay and anecdotal stories. Tangible data speaks volumes to the importance and value of your recycling program.

What will campaign success look like? If you are taking the time to use the statewide campaign, take the time to create some goals and analyze what kind of impact your efforts are making. Learn more about Using Measurement.

Re-TRAC makes measuring hard data for this campaign quite easy. Thanks to a partnership with the Curbside Value Partnership and financial support by Coca-Cola Recycling, Re-TRAC is available to most communities and/or MRFs at no cost in conjunction with the statewide recycling campaign.  

Not yet familiar with Re-TRAC and how you can use it to help gauge recycling in your community? Contact Kenny Dove at DCA for more information.