Tips for Placing PSAs

It’s safe to assume that you are familiar with Public Service Announcements (PSAs). There are several campaign PSAs that you can localize and use in conjunction with your other communication efforts.

PSAs are a cost-effective way to help increase awareness of your recycling program and if used properly can help deliver a powerful and long-lasting message.

Here are some tips for placing them:

  • Get your PSA – To get your radio PSA, you can either download a copy of the PSA from this site or e-mail us with how many copies you need.
  • Pitch your PSA – PSAs are cost-effective because media outlets run them for free or for a reduced price. Check out the PSA campaign options and see which one(s) are right for your community.  Be sure to tell the media that this is part of a bigger statewide recycling communications campaign. 
  • Know what media outlets can use – The campaign radio PSA comes in varying lengths. Find out what format works best for them. While all campaign materials direct residents to the main campaign Web site (for tracking purposes), if your information on is current, your residents will get the right local information. But don’t be surprised if they come to your Web site or call you directly. Check out our section on effective Web sites to make sure your Web site is ready!
  • Follow up and say thank you – Follow up periodically to see if the PSA has or will run. If a media outlet plans to run it, ask for updates on when and how many times it has run. Either way, make sure to always express your appreciation for their time and help!

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Have any tips on placing PSAs that you would like to share? Let us know!