Incentive Kit Training now available!
This presentation is designed to give the users of the state's Campaign Incentive Kits background on how the campaign was created, information on using the kits and reporting requirements, and tips for using the campaign materials in fun and creative ways! Download the presentation now!.

Georgia Recycling Education Campaign Unveiling Webinar

Miss the Webinar on April 30th unveiling the new statewide recycling education campaign? Would you like to share the presentation with colleagues, stakeholders or other interested parties? Here is your opportunity!

To download the full Webinar (including audio), please follow these steps below:
(NOTE: only PC users will be able to view the Webinar.)

1) In order to view the Webinar, you must first install this piece of software to your computer. To download the software, click here.

2) Click the button that says "Install GoToMeeting Codec."

3) When prompted, click "Run."

4) You will be asked if you want to run this software, click "Run" again.

5) Click "OK" when the installation is complete.

6) Then, click here to unzip (download) the actual Webinar file.Choose to save the Webinar file to your desktop. (This can take a few minutes or more depending on the speed of your connection.)

7) Click "Open" when asked whether you want to open or save the file. 

8) After the file has been downloaded, click "Next."

9) Click "Unzip or install from "webinar[1].zip," then click "Next."

10) Save the file wherever is most convenient for you (desktop might work best), then click "Unzip Now."

11) Once the Webinar is unzipped and saved to your desktop you should be able to view it through your computer's media player. If not, please e-mail for help.

Also, here is the PowerPoint that was presented during the Webinar.
Cost Effective Tips for Using the Campaign/Tips for Using Campaign Central
Click here to access the handout we passed out during the GRC Semi-annual meeting. The document gives some good tips for using cost-effective strategies to promote the statewide recycling education campaign in your community. Also, you will find some tips for using Campaign Central (though, if you've made it this far you probably don't need them!)

Have questions? E-mail us.