Using Incentive Kits

The You Gotta Be Kidding! Campaign Incentive Partnership Program is designed to recognize and incentivize Georgia communities who are using the education campaign – and give them an injection of new viral materials and creative outreach ideas to keep the campaign going locally.

The application period for kits has now closed. For a list of kits recipients from Cycles One and Two, click here.

Upcoming Training:
(Open--and applicable--to anyone using the campaign in Georgia, not just kit recipients!)

  • Wednesday October 28th, 9am-noon -- In-person (and via Webinar) session on using the Kits, as well as an overview of the campaign and creative strategies for engaging the public. To register, email
  • Click here to view the training PowerPoint if you missed out. It’s full of tactical ideas and creative outreach strategies that anyone can use, whether you received a kit or not.

Reporting Form: If you have received a kit, you are required to report to DCA on its use at the three- and six-month intervals. For those in Cycle One, your first date for reporting is Dec 15 and Cycle Two is Jan 15. Click here to access the form and for more instructions.

Creative Ideas:

  • There are many creative ways communities are using the campaign locally such as incorporating Flat Tommy on a parade float or hosting pub crawls to distribute coasters.
  • For some ideas, check out our tips sheet.
  • Share your ideas with us by emailing We are compiling a list of cool tactics now so be sure your community is included!

Interested in sponsoring an incentive kit? There are many options available. Click here for more information.

Need to ID a Vendor? We have negotiated pricing for the materials featured in our Incentive Kits. While prices are subject to change based on your individual needs, we feel these sponsors are very competitive and willing to work with you. For a list of vendors, please click here.

What is in the Kit? Kits include a quantity of You Gotta Be Kidding! T-shirts, banners, koozies, coasters, stickers, promotional cards and of course, a Flat Tommy. We feel these elements are important and effective tools for engaging the public in a conversation about recycling – step one towards behavior change. The materials are viral in nature and we encourage you to have fun with them!

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Vickers with DCA at