Campaign Materials Downloads

Welcome to the creative section of the site. On this page, you will find a library of print ready marketing materials to help you participate in the statewide campaign. Please note that in order to use and download the materials here, you will need to sign up for the campaign.

A few notes about the resources contained in this section:

  • We encourage communities to use two or more characters locally to keep your campaign fresh (i.e., use "Tommy" for a billboard and poster, and "Maria" as a banner and direct-mail postcard).
  • Utilize the drop-down menu next to each item to select the character you would like to use locally.
  • When you have selected your character(s), click on one of the links to download the appropriate file. (You will have a choice of file type.)
  • If you have any questions on what type of file to download or what do with it, click on the "tips" button next to each piece. On this page, we have provided specifications and helpful information on how to work with designers, printers and others to make sure you can utilize the campaign successfully.
  • You will be able to add your community logo to most of the pieces here. This will add a local flavor. If you have questions or trouble with this, please e-mail us.

To see a preview of the creative work available, click here to view a PDF of the campaign. If a file you are looking for is not on this list or not downloadable, please check back soon as we will be continually updating the files available here.

To download the full list of tips and graphic standards for all types of materials click here (PDF, 63.1kb).


Half-page Print

Downloads: EPS  |  PDF  |  JPG Tips


Downloads: GIF Tips


Downloads: MP3 Tips

Quarter-page Print

Downloads: EPS  |  PDF  |  JPG Tips

Direct Mail

Flier Template

Downloads: PDF  |  DOC Tips

Post Card

Downloads: EPS  |  PDF  |  JPG Tips



Downloads: EPS  |  PDF  |  JPG Tips



Downloads: EPS  |  PDF  |  JPG Tips


Downloads: EPS  |  PDF  |  JPG Tips

Bus Shelter

Downloads: EPS  |  PDF  |  JPG Tips


Downloads: EPS  |  PDF  |  JPG Tips


Downloads: EPS  |  PDF  |  JPG Tips